Expand horizons

Iberex is a project designed to help Spanish companies wishing to expand their business abroad, especially in Latin America, exporting its products, installing production abroad or investing directly in other activities in the chosen country.

Iberex and Latin

This project is fundamental essence Spanish and Latin American citizen recognizing them as a people possessing common historical ties, based on mutual aid and relations at all levels. Thats why, at this point, where the opportunity lies beyond our borders, we should attend this new cohesion to achieve personal and business goals, forging a new and hopeful future.

EU and Latin America

In line with the desire of the EU to strengthen relations based on principles and values ​​with Latin America, a key part of this project is its reciprocal. The goal is to provide feedback relationships so that Iberex is an open portal for entrepreneurs and investors of any nationality who are interested in Spain or any country of the EU and Latin America.

Iberex professionals

Iberex has a network of professional firms, where lawyers, economists, architects, etc.. are available to the customer at any of the places where you want to operate, providing a connection to fulfill the investors expectations, safely and with the best advice.

In Iberex help our customers to improve, monetize and leverage their resources to improve every day.

Investment Consulting We support your product and service Business Location Thanks to our ability to make market research and our network of partnerships we are able to help you set options and investment business more appropriate. We find the most efficient route to the purposes of your business, personalizing and accompanying business meetings, to achieve the target. If the goal is to expand your business and find new locations, our contacts and equipment through a wide network of partnerships, will open the lines of communication necessary.